Chibiterasu Plushie will brighten your day

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Over at the Capcom Store you have the chance to pre-order Chibiterasu in full plush format. Chibiterasu is the protagonist for the upcoming DS Okami Sequel and boy is this one of the best bits of video game merchandise I’ve ever seen.

Chibiterasu is 17.7 inches long (45 CM) and as you can see below is perfect for a lap pillow/dog. Unfortunately you can only purchase this great plush wolf through Capcom’s Japanese store and will be available a week after the game itself comes out in Japan. If you wish to purchase this adorable Okamiden plushie then you will have to have a friend in Japan purchase it for you. And then you would need to reimburse them for the price of ¥5,040 ($57)

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