Xbox Avatar Mythical Creatures PLUS More available now

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Microsoft have released their latest additions to the Xbox Avatar family.  Feast your eyes on these weird and wacky little mythical / fantasy creatures.    We got Cyclops, Dragons, Unicorns and even evil looking little Gargoyle’s.  Prices all pretty much 240-ms points a piece.  Which one will you ch-ch-choose to be your new best buddy ? 

I think the Cyclops or the Gargoyle look like they’d get up to no good.

Click on the link below to jump straight into the Xbox Live Market place to take one of these cute ‘n’ cudly little monsters home with you.

Xbox 360 Fantasy Pets Marketplace

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • frank

    i saw these this morning and i have to say if they would have put more effort into the designs of them i would have gotten one i hate the fact that everything has to be all “family friendly” because the wii and all of its annoyingness decided to sell a bunch of consoles and fuck over my gaming experience… thank you fucking nintendo…had to get that out of my system i feel betters now

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