Voila, new Slim Xbox 360 Revealed

E3 2010 News Xbox 360

Remember yesterday how we caught wind of a new Xbox 360? Well that was definitely the truth as you can see above. It is a bit slimmer and a bit shorter if I do say so myself compared to the previous 360 version. But that is purely aesthetic, it’s what inside that counts. And what we said yesterday is still true, there will be a 250 GB hard drive, built in 802.11n WI-FI, and being set up already for Kinectablity. As an added bonus it is also said to be very quiet when running, which is a far cry from how loud the usual console acts at times.

How fortunate for those in the audience though, as everyone in attendance to the Microsoft E3 Conference will be receiving this brand new console for absolutely free. Lucky guys huh? The rest of us will be paying a price tag of $299 in US when the console goes for sale this week.  Those in Europe will have to wait until July 16th for the new console to arrive.

Image Courtesy of Destructoid

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