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So we’ve all seen what the Slim xbox 360 looks like on the outside. There may even be some of us who own one already. However you may not want to see what is in the inside of your own 360 for the fear of losing it forever. Well wait no more as PC Watch has taken the chance to tear apart the new slim 360 for you. Prepare for quite a lot of pictures in the gallery below.

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Source: PC Watch

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  • Neo_Metatron

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to combine cpu and gpu in one chip. MS thinks they finally got a handle on their heat problems and reduced the warranty back to 1 year for the 360 slim, but the internet is already reporting the typical signs of failing slims due to overheating!

  • true .. a gpu and cpu in one is a receipe for disaster !! make sure you keep your xbox slim in the fridge 😉

  • frank

    i already ahve two 360s i dont need a slim … no matter how cool it is

  • PlayingMantis

    Is that a jasper power supply you are comparing the slim’s to? What rating is the older power brick? Looks longer than the 150W Jasper power supply to me.

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