See how the Kinect works on the dashboard

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There is a new video that involves Microsoft’s own Scott Hinsen demonstrating the brand new Kinect dashboard interface. One interesting feature shown is that the Kinect will feature full facial recognition, allowing instant log on with a wave of the hand.

He also shows how the voice comands work as he navigates through the Zune Marketplace and tells the Kinect to do various actions related to watching a movie such as pausing and fast forwarding past boring parts.
A new video of the Kinect-controlled 360 dashboard has popped up, explaining how it’ll all work.

One thing that this brings to mind though, that while watching a movie or listening to music… what is to stop someone from coming in and telling it to stop or shut down. Will the Kinect have voice recognition as well to prevent this measure? Or will this be a new prank to be played on your room mates or siblings.

Courtesy of VG247

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