Kinect’s official price to be released at Gamescom

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GamesIndustry Germany has managed to snag some amazing information from Oliver Kaltner from Microsoft Germany.

“I believe that the price point is not the critical topic, but something you need at the end of the communication in order to place a product properly into a market. From that standpoint pricing is an important topic for our target groups, our partners and, of course, also for us.

I also think it is the right decision not to determine price points now, because it distracts completely from our actual core story with all its possibilities in the area of gaming, movie, music and social entertainment. We firmly believe that we can offer an unique innovation.

Being responsible for the business in Germany, it comes in handy to still have certain flexibility. In eight weeks we are at Gamescom and we will know the price not later than that, because we will start to sell at retail.

From the looks of this all of those sites putting prices at $149.99 could be incorrect and simply doing this for placeholders. Or they could be dead on the money and Microsoft doesn’t want to release such a high price tag yet. Here is hoping that it will not end up costing that much in the end because if so they will be facing steep competition from the Playstation Move which runs at only a third of that price at $49.99

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  • Move isn’t a third of the price. You have to buy not only the motion controller, but also the nav controller. and if you don’t have the PSEye…you have to buy that too. The whole bundle is 99.99. Did you notice at E3 that everyone roared for the 49.99 price point, but didn’t make a peep for the 100 dollar bundle? Kinect will be 99.99. The exact amount of the entire Move experience. It’s only logic.

  • scratch that, “Kinect”. wow that’s a stupid name.

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