Joy Ride no longer free and for Natal

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Remember that arcade game that Microsoft announced a long time ago. The one that would let you race around as your avatar and it would be free? Well guess what! It is no longer free.

Let me say that again: JOY RIDE IS NO LONGER FREE! Well, there went the hype. As you read these, your excitement for the game is slowly decreasing. Why? Because it is no longer free. Free stuff makes people happy. Hey! have the free XBLA code!


I’ll wait as you hurriedly try to redeem it before everyone else reading this.

Yeah, it doesn’t work, I lied. If you want the real code you’ll have to pay me for it. Microsoft is doing it, why can’t I?’

Hopefully, I can cheer you up, because supposedly it is now becoming a game for Natal that is going to work perfectly with the driving function. It will be available on release and will be much better then the current game build. They are improving Joy Ride to be better. Big Park Studios are currently putting the finishing touches on the game. Hopefully we will here more at the special Natal event at E3.

You are happy now right? No longer mad about that code up there that didn’t actually work? please… Please be happy.

  • I wanted the code 🙁 … im sad now 😉

  • Lol, some harsh stuff with that code. Luckily I read a little bit lower before trying to redeem it haha.

    Well, I won’t be Natal so it’s pretty lame that you need it for this game.

  • frank

    i have to say i kinda saw this coming and its getting a little old that microsoft has to money grubbing whores and among other things they have to start a trend of 1200 point arcade games and half them still dont have avatar awards it bothers me the direction the gaming industry is taking

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