Dragon Ball: Origins 2 available on shelves now for the DS!

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Namco Bandai is proud to bring everyone in the United States the sequel to the hit game Dragon Ball: Origins, with Origins 2! This game is exclusive to the Nintendo DS and should currently be residing upon all the shelves at your local retailers. Those of you familiar with the Dragon Ball series will know how important the legendary Dragon Balls are, and nearly the whole focus of the series was to obtain these coveted balls for their special powers.

In the sequel players will be able to control young Goku as well has his friends that he will meet, as he fights his way through the deadly Red Ribbon Army. You will have the ability to play as the hero Goku, his best friend Krillin, even Yamcha. Plus as an interesting turn with a non-combatant you can also play as Bulma during parts of the story. Players will be able to unleashed a wide range of skills to navigate through each level.

They will be doing this through stylus and button inputs to bring Goku through the paces of devastating aerial attacks, and punish his foes with combination attacks and even interacting with any environment around you. In an added bonus the camera itself loves to get into the action as it adapts to what is occurring in the game, either zooming in to assist the player with tough battles or challenging environments. It will even change to a fighting game camera angle during the boss battles!

For some screenshots of this great looking game follow up here.

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