Doctor Who Loves the UK

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Sure, the series is based in the UK (in multiple time periods in fact) but that doesn’t mean they should get all the perks when i comes to doctor who.

First the US gets every episode 2 weeks after the UK gets it, UK viewers can rewatch every single released episode on their website (if you don’t live in the UK you are blocked from it). Now they even get to play the Doctor Who game for free and right now!

If you live in the UK you can now download the first episode in Sumo Interactive’s Doctor Who: The Adventure Games for free. Titled “City of the Daleks,” the game sees the Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, in an alternate version of London in 1963.

Americans on the other hand will have to wait until “early July,” when the game will be available for everyone, but wait! It has to be purchased! Now they have gone too far, I understand UK getting it early, but charging the US to play it while UK gets it for free! no! NO! NOOOOO!!!!!!

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  • Nuts24

    In the UK we have to pay a TV licence, which should be called a BBC licence, we have already paid for the Doctor Who game, any thing on the BBC website that we can download in the UK is not free as we have all ready paid for it with our TV licence, on top of that we then can to pay for cable or sky tv.

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