Crackdown 2 Demo Patched and Facebook game

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Is everyone enjoying the Crackdown 2 demo? any of you get all the achievements already. Well, there was a patch for the demo that nullified the infinite time glitch that was so much fun. The 30 minute timer is stupid, and that glitch and 10 unlockable achievements pretty much made the crackdown 2 demo the best demo ever!

Anyway, there is also a facebook game that you guys may not know about. This facebook game can be found on facebook. Here is the link to the Australian and New Zealand one.

It is a fun little game that lets you have some bragging rights of facebook. Manage your skills, complete missions and get a random amount of orbs to increase your skills even further. Enjoy.

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  • Neo_Metatron

    I’m very disappointed by Crackdown 2! It doesn’t look very good and it’s basically the same game. I liked the first game for the agility orbs and for hulking around the city, but the sequel takes place in the same city and the inclusion of zombies and 4 player co-op, mp and co isn’t helping to disguise the fact that the content is almost 100% recycled. I guess hardcore fans of the prequel will get what they want, but I’m gotta sit this one out or wait until it’s seriously discounted!



  • frank

    i think this game is going to be awesome i loved the first one and love the demo for the second one they added a lot to the multiplayer yes its in the same city but the gameplay style is unique and shouldent really be changed too much to make the game like it was before so people can play what they loved before in a new from and they really changed a lot when it comes to guns and vehicles

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