Blacklight: Tango Down and the Infinite Customization

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Ignition Entertainment seems to be really serious about the customization in their new downloadable game Blacklight: Tango Down.

Developed by Zombie Studios and set for the PC, PSN and XBLA, Blacklight: Tango Down will feature immensely deep customization, delivering literally trillions of different weapon combinations:

Players will be able to change out 25 different weapon attributes that will make decisive differences in gameplay. Gunstocks affect kick and velocity of the player, scopes change zoom and accuracy while magazine size affects reload speed and number of bullets fired off at the online enemy. Additionally, ‘weapon charms’ add visual personality while giving small perks to the gun. With the six core weapon systems such as SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle and assault rifle there are literally trillions of different weapon combinations to make players and their guns the most envied partners online.

Check out the “Customization” Developer Diary, were Zombie Studios shows some examples of the customization and how to do some interesting combinations.

Blacklight: Tango Down will be available this summer.

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