Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trailer


So many racing games out there, and every single one of them has you destroying the cars in some fashion. Enjoy the video, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is schedules for release August 2010.

  • frank

    the first one was ok but it got boring after a while i dont think i will buy this one i might rent it sometime tho … it seems like it isnt going to hold up to todays standards in racing games …. i have forza 3 and looking at the graphics on this they are not even close these are more like sims graphics and those are poorly done plus the driving didnt seem all that fun from what i saw but hey ill still give it a chance

  • Enzo3000

    Some good collisions right there 🙂

    I didn’t actually get around to owning the first one although I played the demo briefly. I felt it was just a bit too casual as a game and lacked structure. I prefer my racing games to be straight forward races rather than free-roaming. I don’t mind if it’s an arcade racer or there are unrealistic crashes and weapons, I just like it to have a bit of order to the madness.

  • Andrenekoi

    Test Drive Unlimited failed when trying to be an mmo racing game. I remember playing the game at the launch, and how there where some really good ideas, design choices, the open world was created with creative ideas in mind, but everything failed, since the game wasn’t a huge sucess, the mmo formula never happened, and that’s it.

    For Test Drive Unlimited 2 they already know what worked, and what didn’t, so there’s hope of an even better game this time.

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