Red Dead Redemption Official Trailer out now !!

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It’s here !! Rockstar’s official trailer for Red Dead Redemption has just been released.  Check it out below. 

Red Dead Redemption makes its way into stores for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 next week.  Make sure you’ve pre-ordered yours if not click on the links below :



Enjoy the official trailer :

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  • h438dlk34

    seems awesome!

  • Jorge

    Wheres the question?

  • Diane Bassette

    waiting too GL

  • h438dlk34

    “what would you do now…?”

    i’m going to take my time and go after…”

  • h438dlk34

    i think the person said “what would you do now mr. larson?”

    i couldn’t understand what he said after “i’m going to take my time and go after” sorry

  • Jorge

    I’m gonna take my time and go after the less kind, lady.

  • h438dlk34

    oh, that’s what she said, ok then
    “i’m gonna take my time and go after the less kind, lady.

  • TWITTER 1850 follower competition :

    Watch the trailer and complete this sentence that appears somewhere in there either by speech or words :

    ____ to the ____

    First person to post the answer here will 🙂

  • h438dlk34

    i’m a fist

  • Ribs

    Outlaws to the end

  • Janice

    outlaws to the end

  • h438dlk34

    yup, it’s outlaws to the end

  • h438dlk34

    it occurs at 1:57

  • h438dlk34

    well, technically, the instructions say to “be the fist to win”
    so i said that i was a fist 🙂

  • abouttandoutt

    aww damn my slow browser congrats to the winner

  • Jorge

    Congrats Ribs

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