Privates May not pass peer review

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Zombie Cow’s next quirky project, the genital-exploring twin-stick shooter Privates may actually have difficulty passing peer review. This indie title must pass a series of peer reviews in order to make it out to the indie marketplace. Cearly, a game about your privates would have a really hard time passing.

A Microsoft representative has stated, “we can confirm that if it is consistent with the description we have seen on the Internet, this game would not pass peer review and would not be permitted to be distributed on Xbox Live.”

Zombie Cow co-founder Dan Marshall told Seattle PI, “There was always going to be a risk it won’t pass Peer Review, but obviously we’ll do whatever we can to get the Xbox version out,” and continued by saying “it’d be a shame if a huge number of teenagers missed out on some quality gaming and vital education because of some abstract, cellular-level innards and pubic hairs.”

Don’t worry though, if the game doesn’t pass the Xbox Live peer review process, Privates will get a free PC release courtesy of UK’s Channel 4. (Note: it will probably only be available in the UK if it doesn’t pass peer review)

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  • QuimbyRBG

    I was quite looking forward to this finding it’s way into the XNACC review list, but always thought that it would be an edge case at best.
    Hopefully the developer will release a build of the game into playtest soon so that we can start arguing it’s fate ahead of time.
    It all depends on the actual contents of the game itself.
    Maybe we could be looking at a compromised toned down version for XBLIGs.

  • I’m with Quimby on this one. all this talk and yet noone has actually seen this. Is it all just pre-press? I hope so, but as one of the Peer reviewers i am intrigued to look at this game, and i am not scared of genitals in games. I have seen much worse.

    I just hope the gameplay is good 🙂

    Best o luck
    Da Voodoochief

  • As a peer reviewer I sometimes think people tend to take things a bit too literally. As long as they rate the game correctly, it may not have a problem at all.

    I am anxious to have a look at this as well, and it would be a shame if it was not released. XBLIG needs all the good games it can get.

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