Fable 3 coming to Windows PC as well?

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Looks like there was a bit of a mis-step made by somebody when Lionhead and Microsoft uploaded this cover art to Games Press. The unfortunate problem is that the stamp on top of the case says Only on Xbox 360 and Windows. This means that unless this is just an error in released box art covers, then there will be a PC Fable 3 as well. There has been no official announcement yet however by either company but one can guess that thanks to this mess up that it will be coming shortly.

Switching gears, what do you guys think of this cover art? Looks amazing with the gruff looking man and the crown in my opinion. Plus the crown definitely raises some questions as to what the plot may be.

Image courtesy of (Joystiq) via (Games Press)

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  • Andrenekoi

    I remember Molyneux saying how he wished Fable III to be on the PC too, there was some hints about cross-platforming between the Xbox 360 and PC too. I think this just confirms that.

    ps: I liked the cover.

  • i think fable 3 will be different in PC…
    that will not involve anything with fable 2…

  • Really doesn’t affect me at all. I’ll be getting it on the 360 regardless, but now I guess PC owners will get to enjoy it now. I also like the box art.

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