Castle Crashers for PSN update, screenshots, and video!

Sony Playstation 3 News Action

The Mayor of Behemothtown has shared with us some wonderful news about the Castle Crashers PSN update.  Check out their official post over on The Behemoth’s development blog about all the cool updates made to this fantastic game on Playstation3

The new Volleyball Mode is crazy !! 😛 there is also new Trophies !! WOO HOO who doesn’t like trophies.

Check out the post here :

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  • frank

    sadly i already have this for 360 and a volly ball mode isnt enough for me to get it again so im sticking with what i have

  • Andrenekoi

    The Volleyball looks really cool, i was just thinking with myself how this sport is ignored from the gaming world these days.

    I think i will grab the PSN version, but i would prefer if it was released on the PC.

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