Blacklight: Tango Down Comic on its way


Ignition Entertainment recently announced that there will be a comic book for their upcoming downloadable shooter, Blacklight: Tango Down.

It will be a single comic book, and it is said to both tie into and further develop the plot of the game. It is supposed to expand the fiction with this single story and is being collaborated by the distributor, developer and Storm Lion Publishing.

Blacklight: Tango Down (The comic book) is written by Jared Gerritzen, Ian Stephens and Cullen Galagher with story by Jason Dean Hall and Eric Lieb, and art direction by Storm Lion’s Zid.

Supposedly the comic follows the events of a covert ops team who are attacked by crazed locals while attempting to rescue their officer from behind enemy lines. Mix this comic in with the upcoming game and the film that is currently in development, and you have a deliscous money cake being eaten by Ignition and Zombie. Hopefully the cake isn’t nasty tasting. (Translation: Hopefully the comic and the movie are as good as the game looks)

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