Zeno Clash has been Delayed on XBLA

Xbox 360

If you have been waiting for Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition to arrive on the XBLA, unfortunately today is not your lucky day.

Developer and Co-Founder Andres Bordeu has stated on the Zeno Clash Forums:

It’s been pushed back a tad. Sorry about that to everyone. It should come out early April. Atlus will be releasing more info through one of the next press releases.

Just a little more patience, it’ll be out really soon. As soon as we have new info we’ll post it somewhere here.

This is unfortunate news as this first person shooter/brawler looks extremely strange, and fun. The combination of shooter and brawler makes me think of Chronicles of Riddick and I greatly enjoyed that game. The game itself has been out on the PC for about a year now, and is available on Steam for $15. There has been no announcement for the price of the game on XBL, though if the price follows the same as that on steam, one can assume that it will cost 1200 MS points.

This new ultimate edition will include a tower defense type game, as well as a medley of new weapons, enemies, attacks and more.

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  • skull_x_man

    The only Japanese-style game i liked was Jade Empire from Bioware. Though this looks really interesting too, for an XBLA title, at least. And really freaky too. Wishlisting this for future purchase =D

  • frankcastle66

    i am not sure if i want this its really creepy and weird

  • Andrenekoi

    This game is really weird, i played for some time the PC version and while the game shares some originality here and there, the rest was just a boring.

  • In the first 12 seconds I had already said “WTF?”. You know something is either being done very right or very wrong when that happens ahah.

    It looks interesting to say the least but I don’t know if the gameplay will be all that great. I look forward to seeing what the critics say. And hopefully it doesn’t get pushed back again.

    I also thought it was funny that the only time I’ve seen that caption thing work properly on Youtube was for that creepy voice in the trailer…

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