XBox360 Live Gold 1 Month for $1!

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Yes you heard that right.  For a limited time (and I don’t know exactly how long) XBox Live Gold 1 month is $1!!

Check out your dashboard, there should be a panel stating it, go into it and it will charge your credit card – it’s as simple as that.

For those of you wanting to do it more than once, it’s not going to work!  I tried 😀

Go get it quick before it’s gone!

Have a Happy Easter everyone.


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  • Andrew

    I checked, and I don’t have it on the dashboard. It doesn’t seem to be showing up for everybody.

  • Sick Pigeon

    I don’t have it on my dashboard either. Maybe it’s over already.

  • skull_x_man

    Neat…would have been awsome if this were international, cuz free stuff ain’t never enough 😀

  • skull_x_man

    Cuz…1$ is practically free, right? IMO anyway

  • Enzo3000

    It’s a very good offer but, sadly, not available for some of us (i.e. me here in the UK)

  • versapak

    I hate tying a credit card to my Live account, but $1 is a deal I couldn’t turn down.


    For those of you in the UK, you already had this deal a week ago.


  • I am one of the many people who capitalized on this deal. So awesome.

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