Xbox Live Arcade Blowout Sale !!

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G’day everyone Microsoft have announced their Xbox Live Arcade Blowout Sale which has started April 1st and will end on April 7th, there are a total of 10 YES 10 Xbox Live Arcade titles on special.  Check them all out below and grab yourself a BARGAIN !!  All of them are 50% off.

Now this deal is available to both Xbox Live Gold and Silver members.  Also don’t forget about the $1 for 1 month of Xbox Live Gold deal as well.  At the moment there are a lot of deals to be had so make sure you take advantage of them all.

Title Regular Price Discounted Price  
South Park 800 400  
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 1200 560  
Defense Grid 800 400  
Rocket Riot 800 400  
Mad Tracks 800 400  
Track & Field 400 240  
Lumines Live 800 400  
Age of Booty 800 400  
Schizoid 800 400  
Wallace & Gromit episode 1 800 400  

Let us know what you’re gonna pick up.  I’d recommend Track & Field and Super Street Fighter II HD Remix.  Both classics and will keep you busy for hours !!

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  • skull_x_man

    South Park and Rocket Riot are actually worth it now. Microsoft should do such deals more often, cuz at this rate, i’m actually celebratin when they give something free…

  • Enzo3000

    I’m going to download the demos for some of these that interest me. If I enjoy them then I’ll definately buy them and make the most of a great offer.

  • versapak

    It is nice to see deals on this stuff, but it sure would be nice if they did it back before I bought all of the ones I wanted from that list. 🙂

  • Andrenekoi

    So these deals were true, i keep my recomendations for Lumines and Super Street Fighter II HD.

  • My friend bought Defense Grid…. Unfortunately none of these games really interest me so I won’t be buying any of them. Oh well.

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