Xbox 360 DEAL Of The Week !!

Xbox 360

Deal Of The Week:

This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can purchase Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 for 50% off this week only.

A extremely entertaining dual stick shooter. Try to stay alive while surrounded by enemies who want to kill you. Quick paced and addicting, and for only 400MSP ($5), quite a deal!

More Deals of the week:
Instead of releasing a new XBLA title, Microsoft is discounting 10 other titles as well as an April Sale deal.

Title Regular Price Discounted Price  
South Park 800 400  
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 1200 560  
Defense Grid 800 400  
Rocket Riot 800 400  
Mad Tracks 800 400  
Track & Field 400 240
Lumines Live 800 400
Age of Booty 800 400
Schizoid 800 400
Wallace & Gromit episode 1 800 400
  • Andrenekoi

    Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 for $5 is a must buy case for everyone with an Xbox 360!

  • Enzo3000

    GW 2 is a good buy for full price but for a reduced price is excellent value for money. A must buy for those who don’t already have it!

  • versapak

    I missed this one, since I didn’t have the cash for any points until tomorrow. 🙁

    I really loved the first one on 360, and would have bought this one in a second for 400MSP.

    I doubt I will ever buy it at 800MSP though.

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