Third Person Driving – “I win Science!”

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Below is a NSFW (S0me cussing) video of rooster teeth trying out the new third person driving technology. Okay, not really, they just some really expensive camera equipment to a pole which was connected to the back of a truck. TADA! enjoy.

I would just like to add that GTA4 had really bad driving physics. Maybe they were realistic or maybe they weren’t, all I know is that it was the only thing really bad about the game. You always had to adjust your camera and you weren’t able to go very fast without losing all control of your vehicle when you took a turn. Only GTA game that I’ve preferred quick travel via a taxi.

  • Enzo3000

    Interesting idea for an experiment. It reminds me of some of the stuff they do on mythbusters just a little more gaming orientated. Also, I loved the black pieces of paper blocking out the windows. Nice, professional touch.

  • Andrenekoi

    I thought the camera controls was ok on the GTA IV for the PC, but you really lose the control of the car on faster speeds, these times it’s like you are driving a car in the moon, since the car feels completely loose from the player’s control.

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