The official Flash Drives for the Xbox 360 priced by GameStop

Xbox 360

GameStop leaked the price of the official Xbox 360 flash drives. There will be an 8GB drive for $39.99 and 16GB drive for $69.99.  According to earlier reports by Major Nelson, they will arrive in stores in May.

The price looks extremely high and in fact is. According to Major Nelson any flash drive will work but you will have to refactor the setting, and each Xbox 360 slot can only hold 16GB drives for a max of 32Gb. So, Im just going to point you to Ebay and I am going to walk away. Because in my opinion,  that dark void USB looks much better then the “official” USB.

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  • Enzo3000

    The announcement of USB support is just an excuse to get us to by an officially ‘reccomended by microsoft’ USB stick. I think I’m just going to stick with the one I’ve already got, rather than buy an overpriced xbox one.

  • I don’t know exactly how much more these cost than regular USBs but I know for sure I’m not spending that much for a goddamn USB. I definitely want to upgrade from my 1 GB USB but not if I’m going to have to pay 70 bucks.

  • skull_x_man

    Aaaaand…another opportunity for Microsoft to rip the community apart.
    I don’t get it…they’re practically the best selling society out there, they have no real comptetition, they sold millions and millions of copies of Windows, and almost as many Xboxes, develop games, publish games, rip us for DLCs and brainwashing us into buying everything…and they STILL WANT MORE.
    WHY THE HECK should i be buying a 70$ usb, when i could buy it from anywhere else like half the price.
    This sucks and it’s unproffessional of them.
    But why do i moan here, i’m still going to give them money everytime i buy something off Xbox Live.

    Damn u Bill Gates! :))

  • Hehehe I love my Dark Void USB stick .. its cool … its only like 1gb but its make me feel like a superstar everytime I plug it into the PC

  • frankcastle66

    i hated dark void but usb drives with a theme are nice but the price that microsoft makes theme is just stupid its so over priced it isnt even funny

  • Andrenekoi

    That one with the Dark Void theme is really beautiful, unique, but if any flash drive works there’s no way i would buy one at that price.

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