The Blonde Bombshell is coming to a iPhone near you !!

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Hot off the press. Capcom have just announced that Cammy will be coming the Street Fighter IV on the iPhone as a free downloadable character !! YEAH FOR FREE !! This is a thank you to everyone that has bought the game.

At this moment in time there is no release date as to when the beautiful blond bombshell with be making her way to the iPhone but we’ll keep you informed once we have further information !!

For now check out Cammy in action. It’s crazy how good it plays on the iPhone !!


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  • Andrenekoi

    Capcom did a good job on SFIV for iPhone, i didn’t even knew it was possible to add characters to the game, and for free! Nice job, Capcom!

  • I’m kinda glad they are adding new characters to Street Fighter IV on iphone. As said over on X-ism, it seems like they will also be adding more based on where her pic appears on the character select screen.

    Personally I’m a Pre owner and I’m hoping that Capcom sees fit to port the over to the Pre since the Pre is the only other platform capable of running the iphone version and it’d only take a few days to transfer over. Hopefully Capcom will try to get the best bang for their development dollars.

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