Nintendo Announces Nintendo DSi Price Drop

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Nintendo Australia announces that Nintendo DSi will now retail for $249.95.
Previously priced at $299.95, Nintendo DSi has something for everyone, containing more functions to bring you more fun! Keep a photo diary via your Nintendo DSi Camera, store and play music with Nintendo DSi Sound, browse the web, or visit the Nintendo DSi Shop to download software.
The newest member of the Nintendo DS family is the Nintendo DSi XL, which will be in stores from 15 April 2010, and will retail for $299.95.
With larger screens than ever before, Nintendo DSi XL will come in two stylish colours: Burgundy and Bronze. Nintendo DSi XL is not just about its wider viewing angle, it also comes with bonus pre-installed software.
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  • Enzo3000

    I really hope this is worldwide as I was thinking about upgrading and this could just sway me towards the upgrade.

  • Andrenekoi

    DSi XL having the same price as the “old” DSi was a nice move, i think in the US they are charging more for the XL model. But as i always say, i will just wait for the 3DS.

  • PlayingMantis

    Andrenekoi has the right idea. I’m holding out for an actual new generation. Nintendo needs to actually put some research and development into their R&D department.

    The Wii is an overclocked Gamecube, and the DS/DSi is basically a miniaturized N64 (now in it’s 4th repackaging – DS ->DSL -> DSi -> DSi XL).

    It’s time for something that’s actually new.

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