Netflix Instant Streaming Wii Discs being shipped

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Do you have netflix, and want all the viewing pleasures of instant streaming but only have a Wii? Well, the discs for instant viewing on your Wii have been shipped out. They should be arriving soon if you ordered one.

Once you receive your disc, a plethora* of movies will be available to you without the high deffiness**.

Radical Dylan’s Movie Suggestions:
The Ugly Truth, Next, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Lost, The Matrix Trilogy.

MasterAbbott’s Movie Suggestions:
The Wiggles, VeggieTales, Thomas & Friends: It’s Great to be an Engine, Kipper: Kipper Helps Out, and you must not forget to watch Barbie’s Horse Adventures!

*Actual definition may not fit the use in the sentence, but it sounded fancy.
**Not an actual word.
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  • duraroc

    Will this work with the new 3D TV’s coming out? Does anyone actually use the Wii still?

  • You forgot the Teletubies, Sesame Street, Elmo and the CARE BEARS and MY LITTLE PONY !!!! ooh and then there is Hanah Montana as well !!

    Geeze if you have to suggest movies that MasterAbbott loves you gotta get your facts straight first 😉

    Well now that the list is updated make sure you check out all my suggestions.. dont worry about Radical’s there all BORRRRRINNGG !!! 😉

  • versapak

    I already have the disc for the PS3, and I have a 360, which is by far the best choice. I don’t have a Wii anymore, but my mom does, so I will gladly be getting the disc for the Wii as well.

    I LOVE my Netflix streaming, and this will be great for when I am visiting at her house.

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