MegaMan X arrives today on XBOX Live Arcade

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Mega Man 10 is released today on Xbox LIVE. This is the latest addition to the Mega Man series and can be downloaded across Europe for 800 MSP.

In addition to the game there is some exciting Mega Man 10 downloadable content coming to Wii-Ware, Xbox LIVE and PSN next week. Players will be able to download the new playable character, Bass and the first of the Special Stages which features Enker, a creation of Dr Wily’s who has completely devoted himself to Mega Man’s destruction.

Special stage 2 and 3 which feature Mega Man villains Punk and Ballade will be available for download at the end of April.

Add MegaMan X to your download que now click here.

Who’s picking up this fantastic little game ?

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  • versapak

    I’m not very big on the whole 8bit retro style.

    I wish they’d make these games with nice HD gfx that you could toggle on the fly.

    Not that it matters as far as gameplay goes, but I can be a bit of a gfx whore.

  • Andrenekoi

    I like this retro style a lot, but i understand your suggestion too. I will grab the PSN version sometime.

  • skull_x_man

    Yeah, they could make it like Monkey Island Special Edition, but i guess that’s too much. Or at least some good looking HD pixels here and there.
    Leaving the graphics aside, i should give Megaman a second shot, because i hated him in the old consoles era…i died non stop.

  • frankcastle66

    i played the trial and liked it i might have to get it sometime

  • I’m excited that it has finally came out.

    One thing I think they should do is keep the exact same gameplay but there is no reason they can’t make it look better. It’s nice that it saves them a buttload of cash I guess though. The profit they make off of this should be pretty insane.

  • John

    Misleading title. Mega Man 10 is an entirely different game to Mega Man X.

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