Lots of Infinity Ward people have left


So first a two Infinity Ward heads were removed, then a few more guys were removed, and finally a few left. We haven’t really bothered keeping up with who left because we were able to see the future and knew that it wasn’t going to stop. On the plus  side, we also knew this video was going to be made that has the Modern Warfare 2 credits and all the people who left so far crossed out. So we decided to wait until this video was created. Below is the video that we knew would exist because we saw visions of it’s creation in our minds 3 weeks ago. Yeah, we are just that good!

  • Andrenekoi

    Looks like the main members were the ones who left Infinity Ward, this looks really bad.

    From what i’ve been reading this was one really bad event, i was just reading that even the guys from Insomniac, who were friends with some Infinity Ward members, were horrified by what happened:

    “I have some friends at Infinity Ward and I can’t tell you how happy I was to be at Insomniac when I heard that news [of West and Zampella’s sacking]. I was totally horrified for my friends and called every one of them asking what the hell was going on. It reiterated to me how good it is to be working at a wholly independent developer where we call the shots.” – Jake Biegel (Insomniac Games)

  • frankcastle66

    this isn’t bad because they made respawn entertainment and they are going to do what they love and not make a call of duty game every 3 seconds like activision wanted them to….the only reason this all started was because they wanted to make a new game that wasn’t call of duty and activsion over reacted ironically modernwarefare game exist because of the same reason … infinity ward wanted to move away form the world war 2 era and do their own thing with the series and decided to make modernwarfare and ended up with one of the greatest shooters of all time …. i hope they make a game better than call of duty and stick it to activison showing those pricks once and for all that gaming is about passion and creativity and having fun and not about making money and ruining peoples lives

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