Infinity Ward Lose more members of the Modern Warfare team

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Well Well Well…

Looks like it’s the begining of the end for the Infinity Ward team.  Another 4 more members have handed in their resignation. 

So far a total of 11 YES 11 members have left Infinity Ward starting with Vince Zampella and Jason West who have since created their own company Respawn Entertainment.  Now I wonder if everyone that’s left Inifinty Ward have their desks/computer equiptment already setup at Respawn Entertainment 😉  Seeing that everyone is leaving one after the other, it just seems that this is the only logical explanation to the mass resignations ?

Now lets have a look at who’s left so far :

Vince Zampella
Jason West
Steve Fukada ( Lead Designer)
Zied Reike (Lead Designer)
Rayme Vinson (Programmer)
Chris Cherubini (Lead Artist)
Bruce Ferriz (Animator)
Mackey McCandish (Lead Designer)
Jon Shiring (Programmer)
Todd Alderman (Lead Designer)
Francesco Gigliotte (Lead Software Engineer)

Looking at these people and their roles over at Infinity Ward.  If they all jumped ship to Respawn Entertainment this team right here could start work almost instantly on a new blockbuster title that could could make Modern Warfare 2 look like a distant memory.

I have to say in my honest opinion Modern Warfare / Call Of Duty will never be the same ever again.  I believe the next big FPS title will be EA’s Medal Of Honor, if executed correctly it will take its place back at the top of the mountain and reclaim its place as KING.  Only time will tell.

THEN we have Respawn Entertainment if and when it gets off the ground whatever they can come up with will be loved by many loyal MW / COD fans and the battle for supremacy will start all over again. 

Seems like the circle of life in the video game industry is starting all over again !! HOW EXCITING !! 🙂

Your thoughts and feelings and ideas and anything else you want to share .. leave a comment below.

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  • versapak

    I hope the bulk of them do end up at Respawn Entertainment.

    The 2 Modern Warfare games are a couple of the best games of this generation, and the more people they have, from their previous successes, moving forward with Respawn Entertainment the better.

  • Enzo3000

    LOL, the way you’ve crossed them off makes it look like you had this planned all along and are just ticking them all enough as your plan goes on.

    On a serious note, I agree that Call of Duty will probably never be the same again.

  • Andrenekoi

    I think the Modern Warfare’s name is too big, so that will helps the next one to sell a lot just based on his name, but maybe the quality can play a major factor against the next ones.

    For the hardcore players, those who are following the news, i’m sure they will keep their eyes already open, and looking forward to what Respawn Entertainment will be developing. I will!

  • xI ROCK Ix

    Ow well it was great while it lasted! Hope this game lay out of MW2 won’t change with the new care takers! Because it’s very well done and fun to have mates enjoyin it with me like doarock, kinglock and froggy! IW pls dnt change anything now! Thanks xI ROCK Ix

  • xI ROCK Ix

    oops! i for got also my mate MasterAbbott when he has time! sorry buddy that i left you out in my last comment.

  • PlayingMantis

    Thankfully no QA people have left yet. As buggy as MW2 was and is, Respawn doesn’t need anybody that let that many bugs slip through joining up with their new endeavor.

    Hopefully this means Treyarch will be designing any future MW2 map packs. They are much better at making maps IMO (at least comparing MW2 to W@W)

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