Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City official trailer launch!

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Presenting the brand new Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City official trailer in honour of the games long-awaited release on 16th April (Australia and New Zealand) for PC and PlayStation 3.

Enjoy the trailer !!!

PC & PS3 fans are you excited ?? Let us know what you think ?

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  • versapak

    I know a couple people that have been waiting for quite a while for these to finally make it to PS3.

    One of them already played though “The Lost and the Damned” on my 360 though.

  • frank

    ballad is the best out of all of them … i wish they would make more i love gta 🙁 but i am going to get my rockstar fix when red dead comes out that game is going to be simply amazing

  • Andrenekoi

    The Episodes were released on Steam for a cheap price in my country, $22.99, but at the moment i’m not planning on playing these episodes, so i will wait a little more, maybe in the future. The reception to them have been great.

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