First gameplay of Pokémon Black & White shown

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After only nine days since the game’s official announcement, game play video has been broadcast on the weekly TV show called Pokémon Sunday in Japan. Though the only game play footage truly shown is just a bit of city walking, they do finally release what the mystery silhouette of the Pokémon was finally shown though the name itself has been withheld still.

The video of what was shown on Pokémon Sunday can be seen below;

It’s interesting to see that the environments are going to be more three dimensional and provide actual physical depth to the areas; although the battles appear to follow the same strict set up that has always been the standard, though they show that backgrounds are now shown during battle. Small little upgrade I suppose.

So what’s everyone think about this? Or better yet, how about those two Pokémon costumes they were wearing huh?

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  • Looks great but I wish they would show more lol. I’m really curious to see what other changes they will make, or at least I hope that’s not it. If it is, it’s a shame that the only changes are things that could have been easily implemented 10 years ago.

  • Andrenekoi

    Just when i thought i was going to see some battle! The battles is what i’m most excited to see, since i really want to know what kind of modifications they have done on this part of the gameplay.

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