Below is a video, about “Everyone Doing It”. Little kids, cover your ears.

Infinity Ward must not have learned anything with their grenade spam video, but they are at it again; after all, internet viral videos advertise better then anything else. By now you know it was about Modern Warfare 2 and not that other thing, or maybe you just skipped the video. In that case, go back and watch it, it isn’t as dirty as it sounds. This is a video game site after all! What did you expect? Now to see what DICE spoof it with. They are bound to spoof it, like they spoofed the Grenade Spam video.

What does everyone think? immature, funny, stupid?

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  • frank

    it didn’t make me laugh till the domination mode part lol do funny

  • haha I loved it … some people have steady aim others just spray every where !! LOL .. thats like Duraroc and Kingrock69 and x | Rock | x

    Too Good well done on finding this one Radical One !!

  • LeperMessiah43

    HAHA sometimes my dog watches me do it

  • Enzo3000

    Some of it was pretty cleverly worded but other parts I thought were quite stupid. “Some people have steady aim, but others just spray everywhere” is one of the best I thought.

  • Andrenekoi

    Some parts were a little random, but the video itself was really well made.

  • versapak


    That is a great commercial, and I admit that I and everyone in my house is doing it.

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