Deathsmiles’ Limited Edition lacking mousepad, but still amazing

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If you remember my earlier post on Record of Agarest War, you will know that Aksys Games has a flare for giving out limited edition versions of their games, and making them quite extravagant.

This Deathsmiles Limited Edition pack does not contain the pillow case or the mousepad that Agarest War does, however it does include; an amazing looking Xbox 360 faceplate featuring all four girls from the game, the game itself, and the Deathsmiles premium arranged original sound track that has fifteen tracks from the game hand picked by the game’s directors themselves. All of this also comes in a long collectible box which you can put up on a shelf somewhere to show off as it looks quite amazing.

The price of Deathsmiles Limited Edition runs only $49.99 which is $10 cheaper than your average release price for a new title, without any especial additions. The release date has not yet been set, but it is due to be released in America later in 2010.

Deathsmiles itself is a shoot-em-up style game, developed by Cave, with a side scrolling screen in which you control one of the four angels to destroy the forces of evil coming from hell’s gates. A description of the features for the game are listed below from American publisher Aksys Games:

* Five Characters to Explore Gilverado

Choose Windia, the foppish English girl; Casper, the sassy German; Follett, the cautious French girl; or Rosa, the California valley girl or Sakura the faithful witch of the swamp wastes.” Travel down the roads of Gilverado and discover hidden conversations between the angels.

* Mega Black Label

Test your supernatural powers against the onslaught of the Ice Palace and its forgotten protector! Put your skills to the test with a new scoring system that demands more, but pumps out even more explosions of shiny tokens!

* Choose Your Path and Difficulty

You can choose your own route through the game’s stages and set the difficulty for each, from a level of 1 to 3. These difficulty levels allow you to customize the bullet count and boss toughness. Watch out if you choose level 3 five times, though….

* Save and Play Back Replays

Save replays of your own games to watch later for your own enjoyment.

Players can also download the top 20 scoring runs on the leaderboards.

* Online Rankings & Online Co-op

* Check out your score on the online leaderboard, with rankings for each character and game mode. Two-player cooperative play is also available via: Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network!

Deathsmiles looks very intriguing and to be great for fans of scrolling shooters, plus this limited edition comes with that great looking faceplate and the box art itself.  I’m also happily surprised that this game is coming to American soil, and hope that it does well to encourage more of such ports.  Who else is liking how these games are turning out?  Anyone thinking of picking this game up?

Or of course you could splurge for the BDSM ÜBER EDITION coming at a price tag of $299.99 and is shown below:

This package features a oversized case shaped like a coffin, a Rosa whip and collar for your family, Wyndia angel wings to strap to your back while playing the game, and of course some special man’s boxer briefs. Plus the game itself by the way in case you were curious.

All of this can be yours today only on APRIL 1ST and being an April fool.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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