April Deals may not be a joke

Xbox 360

Wallace and Gromit

According the the UK Xbox facebook page, the April deals announced may actually be true.

Attention Arcade Fans! For one week only, starting tomorrow (1-7 April), we’re holding a clearance sale on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and slashing the prices of 10 Xbox LIVE Arcade greats in our legendary April Inventory Blow-out! Don’t be fooled by the reductions though, because we promise you they’re real!

Both Gold and Silver Xbox LIVE members can save up to 50% on some classic LIVE Arcade game classics. Here’s the full list including the reduced prices:

– Age of Booty 400 points (usually 800)
– Defence Grid, 400 points (usually 800)
– Lumines LIVE, 400 points (usually 800)
– Mad Tracks, 400 points (usually 800)
– Rocket Riot, 400 points (usually 800)
– Schizoid, 400 points (usually 800)
– South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, 400 points (usually 800)
– Super Street Fighter II HD, 560 points (usually 1200)
– Track & Field, 240 points (usually 400)
– Wallace & Gromit Episode 1, 400 points (usually 800)

There simply hasn’t been a better time to download your favourite Arcade games from Xbox LIVE Marketplace so get ‘em while you can, starting tomorrow!

Anyone getting any of these titles?

  • skull_x_man

    Wow. this is epic. Lettin Xbox Silver members on the offer too, is pretty neat. Guess i gotta buy South Park now, cuz i loved the trial, but didn’t have enough msp. Is wallace and gromit worth it? Always liked adventure games…

  • frankcastle66

    the only one i would really want is defense grid and i dont think i will get it because i wanna save my points because there are a lot of games coming out that look amazing

  • versapak

    There are some great deals there, but unfortunately I have already purchased all of the games that I want from that list.


  • Andrenekoi

    Lumines is a good one, Super Street Fighter II HD i didn’t liked the result that much, but for this price i really recommend it too.

  • Enzo3000

    Some good deals here although none of the games really jump out at me. What I’ll probably do is download the demos and give some of them a try. If I like what I see in the demo then I’ll purchase it and make the most of this offer.

  • These are some great price cuts, I’m actually pretty impressed with Microsoft for this. Thing is, it’d be 100x better if these deals were for games that I actually wanted. Still good for them though, like I said when it came to USB support, a step in the right direction(except for the fact they are selling ridiculously overpriced USBs)

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