Xbox 360 250 GB Hard Drive now available

Xbox 360

Runnig out of disk space on your old 20gb Xbox 360 hard drive ?  Then its time to upgrade.  Mirosoft have announced a new 250GB hard disk for the Xbox 360.  The hard disk is available right now from all major retailers with a RRP of $129.99 US.  The Aussie price tag with be close to $300.  Don’t ask why but it’s always the case so best thing to do is get it imported and save some money.

Check out the official press release and more details over on the page on

I might upgrade but my existing 120gb one but then again.  I might wait a little while longer. 

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  • frankcastle66

    i could never even use that much space lol

  • Shame that you could get a 500 gig HD for a pc for that price…

  • I think I might upgrade my 60 GB to 120 when I get a job. Does the release of this mean that the 120’s price is going down? I sure hope so. Need lots of room for arcade games/downloaded games.

  • Andrenekoi

    Thanks for the comment Phaine, i nearly forgot how Microsoft limits the options for hard drives on the Xbox 360.

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