Video Games are meant to be Enjoyed not STRESSED OVER !!

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I would like to add some my own thoughts to The Radical one’s post on Stress, Health, and Video Games which must say is a great read.  Click on the link back that way and check it out. 

Now what I’d like to share with you all is something of a thought of the day or words of wisdom:

Remember that patience is the key to success in video games. If you fail pick yourself up and try again .. don’t throw the controller because if you do the machine wins. You lose both mentally, emotionally and financially as you’re the ony thats gonna have to go out and buy yourself a new controller

Just keep focused learn from your mistakes and overcome the challenge in front of you. Just like in life there are hurdles that need to be overcome, and with the right mindset and discipline nothing is impossible.

Video games are meant to be enjoyed not stressed over. When we sit down to play them it’s meant to be a time of relaxation and release from the STRESS of the outside world. If you STREES even while playing then whats the point in even turning on the machine in the first place.

As a wise Monk once said. Find Peace within your soul, let your mind go, focus on the task at hand and release your inner power and nothing will be able to stop you.

The wise monk MasterAbboot 😉

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  • frankcastle66

    thank you wise monk master abbott for your words of wisdom and i will find peace within my soul

  • PlayingMantis

    tell that to The Leader on Bionic Commando Rearmed. Beating that game on hard is probably the hardest achievement out there, and it’s only worth 5G!

  • Andrenekoi

    I think a bit of stress do no harms, but when you are having some kind of stress every time you play something, that’s when thing went the wrong way.

    Games should be an entertaining experience, with a bit of stress, anger, passion, fun, and other feelings, but this should never leave the game and turns into the player’s life.

  • skull_x_man

    Where’s the fun if you don’t freak out a little? Though i could get more Gs for a broken controller.

  • versapak

    A little stress in game playing is fine if the reward of accomplishment is fulfilling.

    It all depends on the kind of stress though.

    If the stress comes from cheaters or glitches then I walk away.

    If it is just a bit of difficulty that I have to work up the skill to pass, then all is good. I have been extremely frustrated from a challenge many a time, and certainly had some moments where throwing the controller across the room seemed to be the answer, but working through those moments and accomplishing whatever the goal was is very satisfying to me.

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