Tokyo Game Show 2010 Official PRESS RELEASE Information

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TOKYO GAME SHOW 2010, it’s 20th Celebration!!

September 16 (Thu) – 19 (Sun), 2010 at Makuhari Messe

aims to turn over a new leaf and move forward with a new midterm vision of becoming  “The No. 1 Information Network in the Asian Region” and “The World’s Largest Event!”


MasterAbbott is VERY VERY EXCITED ABOUT this years Tokyo Game Show 2010 he has a lot of things to do there but most importantly he has to brush on on his Japanese so he can speak to and hopefully interview some of the ULTRA AMAZING Cos Play Characters.  Oh yeah and also check out the cool games that are coming out too 😉

Details :

The TOKYO GAME SHOW was launched in August 1996, and this year will feature the 20th celebration. Renowned for its full-fledged exhibition contents and substantial information transmission capacity, it is recognized as the one of the leading game shows in the world.

TOKYO GAME SHOW has evolved along with the development of the game industry, and we are now aiming for further growth and striving to establish ourselves as the world’s largest computer entertainment show. We have established a midterm vision to become “The No.1 Information Network in the Asian Region” and “The World’s Largest Event.”

For through enhancing the show’s B2B and B2C functions, we are planning the programs to transmit the latest game information from Asia to the rest of the world, as well as to promote participation from the Asian region.

Check out the official press release here : Tokyo Games Show 2010

Visit the official Tokyo Game Show website for more information :

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