Switzerland passes violent video game ban.

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The Swiss National Council has now officially passed a law that will ultimately lead to the complete ban of any violent video games in the country. Though the true implications of the law are still unknown until the government passes down the requirements of the law, which have yet to be decided upon.

What this may mean however, is that there will be a halt to production, distribution, and sales for any video game deemed to violent for Switzerland’s standards. Basically placing an iron grip around video game development in Switzerland. This will turn out to be a critical blow to any video game retailers in Switzerland, especially after their lobbying for simply stricter regulations on sales, has been denied.

This is very unfortunate news, because now that one country has passed a bill that could potentially silence any and all violent video games within it’s boarders, there may be more to come. Other countries now have the possibility to look at the outcome of this law, and see truly what type of an effect such a ban would have, and if they themselves should introduce their own ban.

What do you guys think about this ? Your comments.

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  • Andrenekoi

    So they choose to ignore freedom, any kind of rating system, and just bans everything together. That’s easy, and bad. To tell the truth, it’s really hard to believe that they passed a law like this one.

  • I can’t see this catching on, and I don’t know if this law will last or not. It’s incredibly stupid and ultimately leads to the people of Switzerland to be missing out on a lot of good games. I wonder if they can even have Mario games…?

  • frankcastle66

    its sad how in other places of the world people think its ok to do things like this because the people in charge look down upon games and don’t understand them

  • skull_x_man

    Seein as Swtzerland is an independent country, i saw this coming. With all their self respect and organization, it was weird how this ban didnt come earlier. It’s a shame, really, because those games were a great addition to the economy of the country, but i guess Switzerland is not based on games, it’s based on banks, watches, chocolate and tourism. So no big deal for the big shots there

  • PlayingMantis

    Because murder didn’t exist before video games…mafia didn’t exist until Grand Theft Auto invented it. True story.

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