Super Street Fighter IV – Intro Trailer


The fine people over at Shoryuken have a full introduction video for Super Street Fighter IV. This looks awesome !! Check it out and get PUMPED .. OILED UP and anything else that gets you in the mood for Street Fighter IV !!!

Who’s your favourite new character ? Let us know as I’m curious to find out 🙂

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  • frankcastle66

    the trailer was very well done but i am not 2 excited because i suck at this series and for that reason i don’t really enjoy it

  • Andrenekoi

    Loved it! The theme remix, with a diferent pacing, was really well done, and i can’t wait to try it all these new characters on SFIV.

  • I think that was great. The actual intro it self I think was better than the original SF4 intro but I liked the music for SF4 a lot more. And I’m surprised they didn’t show the oily dude lol.

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