Splinter Cell: Conviction Launch Trailer

Xbox 360 Ubisoft

It is almost here! April 13th US & 15th for AU is quickly aproaching, get those pre-orders in while you can. Gamestop is offering a silenced shotgun if you pre-order from them. (Though if you actually try to do that in modern warfare 2 you would know that it doesn’t work too well)

There is also a special edition Xbox you can get with the game.

Check everything out here.

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  • frankcastle66

    i loved the music it was a great pick for the trailer and it made it even more epic lol

  • versapak

    I dunno…

    I did not like the demo at all. It just didn’t feel like Splinter Cell to me.

    Also, I am extremely bummed that there is again no spy vs merc multiplayer.

  • skull_x_man

    Nice trailer, and Michael Ironside’s voice as Sam Fisher sounds so bad ass. Can’t wait for my preorder to come. It just seems like a perfect game. Hope im not givin my money away for a dissapointment. :-s

  • Andrenekoi

    The launch trailer was more exciting than the gameplay videos, but i will read some reviews first.

  • To be honest I’m not sure if I want this game or not. Just seems like there’s so many good things about it but at the same time some things seem like they were done wrong or should have been done better. Very strange, usually I want a game or I don’t but this is kind of in between.

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