Sledgehammer games takes a swing at COD


Sledgeammer Gameshas been brought onto the Activision development force to work on a new call of duty game that is aimed to release in 2011.

According to Activision the new game will “extend the franchise into the action-adventure genre.”

Not much information is known about this new Call of Duty game, but it doesn’t sound like the Call of Duty we all know, and a few of us love.

Could it be a sandbox, third person shooter based in WWII? Does that sound interesting to anyone?

MasterAbbott is very excited about this.   He’s doing cartwheels down the office corridor !!

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  • Shane Dickson (OregonSlacker)

    Hmm, New COD.. I’d love to see a vehicle enhanced version IE tanks/planes and other armor

  • Andrenekoi

    I think they are going to destroy the COD franchise with this game and that mmo-style COD. I hope im wrong, but i can’t see a bright future for this series without Infinity Ward.

  • PlayingMantis

    CoD Hero 8…?

    World at War had tanks, and Treyarch straight pulled them from the (hardcore multi-player) game because crappy players didn’t know how to kill a tank and whined constantly on the forums.

  • frankcastle66

    master abbott you sir are the man lol…. i think this series could end badly but then again it could still be good its nice to see master is enthusiastic about it lol

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