Official MW2 Stimulus Package Trailer

Playstation 3

Infinity Ward have released the official Stimulus Package trailer due on the 30th March, here it is.

What does everything thing of it? I myself think they look pretty cool, especially Crash. I hated Overgrown in COD4, and I am sure I will hate it as much in MW2. Though I am still not sure of the 1200MSP price tag – come on IW/MS/Activision 5 maps, 2 of them are old and supposedly these are all on the disk already!

I want SHIPMENT! IW give us shipment!

Also as an aside, Microsoft has allowed Capsule Computers to host another Community Night – more details coming in the coming week!  Get ready for this as we have some REALLY COOL XBOX Retail Titles and XBOX LIVE Arcade games to give away on the night !!

Have fun.


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