Limbo Xbox 360 Gameplay – Pax East 2010

Xbox 360

the game seems quite slow paced, but interesting non the less. what does everyone else think?

  • skull_x_man

    Definately should check this out when it’s released. Reminds me of PSX Heart of Darkness…and i loved that game.Though i agree with you, i udnerstand that they wanted it to be smooth and good looking, but they could have made the character move faster.

  • frankcastle66

    it does seem kinda slow but you never know it might be interesting

  • Andrenekoi

    I think one of the biggest point of this game is exactly the slower paced style, this merges really well with the atmosphere they seems to be trying to achieve in the game. It’s like Ico, where you create something really unique from merging the atmosphere together with a more cautious and realistic gameplay. I just hope they release it for PC, will buy it day one!

  • Looks like it will be a breath of fresh air to start up when ever I’ve been playing my FPS. I don’t know for sure if I will get this or not(so many good games coming out this year) but it’s definitely something to consider.

  • @Andrenekoi has a good point. This is the beginning of the game, and a small part where the player still is learning some basic mechanics you will use later.

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