Iron Man 2: “Enemies & Destruction” New Trailer

Playstation 3

Tony Stark may well have opened a Pandora’s Box when he created the armour. His enemies are growing in power and all greedy eyes are on the Iron Man technology. Match their destruction with some of your own.  Check out the new trailer for Iron Man 2 and get pumped !!

Who’s excited about this one ?

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  • Andrenekoi

    I’m not expecting a good game from this, the first was one of the worst games i’ve played, it was so bad that i didn’t even finished. From the trailer this one already looks like it will follow tha same step.

  • frankcastle66

    they need to stop making games like these because i don’t think they are fun at all i am not excited for this but i am for the new iron man movie

  • I was wondering why they keep on making crappy movie videogames but I guess it’s easy to make money off of a cheaply made videogame from a great successful movie.

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