Hydrophobia Countdown on their site

Xbox 360

“Hydrophobia is the first game developed using Dark Energy’s revolutionary HydroEngine – the world’s only full computational fluid dynamics engine for games.

This incredible technology allows water and other liquids to flow and behave completely realistically, resulting in the most dynamic and dramatic gameplay you’ve ever seen.” Via Dark Energy Site

Their Twitter has announced, that “All will be revealed very shortly…”
I guess we will find out Friday 12 AM EST

Check out the Site Here.
What do you think the big reveal is going to be?

  • frankcastle66

    i remember my friend telling me about this game but he didn’t give me any details like you guys did….. i really wanna get that just from hearing about it i think i am just going to have to stare down my screen when there’s a few minutes left 2 see what happens

  • Wow they made that sound really awesome. I’m excited for more details. I think it’s great that there putting so much detail into the water I just hope everything else is good too.

  • Andrenekoi

    Currently looks more like a tech demo than anything else. But if they will be showing very shortly, lets wait.

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