Heavy Rain hits Playstation Home

Playstation 3

Heavy Rain is now on Playstation Home.  As the image below explains, you can experience a Analysis mini-game that will result in a great reward.  Want to know what it is ?  I’m not telling.  Jump into Playstation Home and see for yourself.  Its well worth it 😉

Click on the Click here for more details to check out the Heavy Rain website.

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  • frankcastle66

    i am getting on home right now to check this out

  • This looks really sweet but I don’t have a PS3 after the moment. The last time I was allowed to borrow it was when Heavy Rain came out. I’ll check this out when I get it to play GOW 3.

  • Andrenekoi

    It’s always boring to walk on home, but if there’s some cool minigames and even a reward i will definitey see it.

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