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IGN have posted an article about the new website GameCrush, it’s a pay to play with chicks site.  Interesting concept I think, but the question is, would you pay $8.25 USD to play with a girl online.

The concept is simple.  Browse the girls online – send them an invite to play and if they accept you get 6-10 minutes of play time one on one!  The girls then get paid.  Checking out the GameCrush website – they entice the “Play Dates” with “Earn up to $30 an hour or more!”  Pretty good money if you ask me to play games.

You can search for your ideal girl and what game you want to play.  So for example – find a girl who wants to be flirty and dirty on MW2!  Every guys dream?

Let’s go over the pro’s and con’s of this, for both guys and girls.



1. You get to play games with girls!

2. You might actually find that special someone.


1. Get addicted – get poor very very quickly.

2. Become more of a recluse.



1. Get paid to play games.

2. Meet Mr Right.  Well at least you start by having one thing in common?


1. Dealing with guys being guys.

2. Feeling like you are being pimped.

What do the readers of Capsule Computers think?  I know alot of girls online getting hassled from guys who think that Xbox Live is a dating service or a place where girls are treated badly.  Then there are others who enjoy the attention and have alot of fun playing online with guys – anyone for UNO?


  • frankcastle66

    it depends on what type of girl it is and what type of guy everybody is different … i personally think its dumb on the guys side but as far as girls getting payed to play games more power 2 ya

  • Andrenekoi

    I think this is just horrible, a good way to keep those gamer stereotypes alive. Well, some guys really are a mirror of these stereotypes.

  • Oh god. I think this is absolutely pathetic. I honestly hope no one does this but you just know people will. It’s very sad really. I might tell my friend though so she can get paid just for this lol..

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