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Be an Active Member Of The Capsule Computers Community AND WIN GREAT PRIZES !!!!!



Join up and be an official Capsule Computers community member, click here to do so or click the REGISTER on the top right side of the menu.  RT our Comments on Twitter along with Leaving informative and honest comments on all the articles on our website, write up reviews on games, post in our forum, chat in our online chat room will put you in the running to win either a Xbox Live Arcade, STEAM POWERED PC Game, iPhone Games and Playstation Network GAMES !!  This is an ongoing competition and that works together with our Twitter Account.  Make sure you follow Capsule Computers on Twitter to keep up to date and informed when we have posted off a new article on our website.  All you have to do is simply RT our article on Twitter then come on over to our website and leave a comment and be as active as possible EVERY DAY !!  IT’S THAT EASY !! 

This week we have chosen 7 lucky winners  !! These winners have REGISTERED as members on Capsule Computers, RT’d our comments on twitter, they have commented on the articles on the site and have taken a genuine interest in being an active member of the Capsule Computers Community which is now starting to grow bigger and bigger each day !!

Here are the lucky 7 winners !! In order : 

1:  frankcastle66 – (Frank has come out of nowhere and all this week has twittered over 98% of our twitters and also commented the most on all our posts on the site !!! HE HAS DONE A FANTASTIC JOB !!  … Who can beat frankcastle66 next week ?  Do you think you can beat his Re-Tweet record ??  Lets find out next week) 

2 : Andrenekoi 

3 : skull_x_man

4: pjwification

5: Ty

6: Playing Mantis

7: Keklar


If you are one of these lucky winners you will be receiving an email shortly (within 24hours) to let you know what you have won 🙂

That’s this weeks Community Competition out of the way.  Just to let you last night Capsule Computers hosted a FANTASTIC Community even on Xbox Live for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  We had a great night and we will be announcing winner from last night VERY SOON !!  Keep checking the website over the weekend.

ALSO we have the Fishpond & Capsule Computers MEGA Competition.  Make sure you enter this one to go into the running to win either Halo ODST, Modern Warfare 2 or Eye PET.  This is a cool competition check it out here

You can still grab MAD DEALS over at Fishpond in their MARCH MADNESS Promotion !! Amazing prizes on games and consoles : Check it out here :

FINALLY !! We mentioned this last week and at the end of this month (MARCH) we will be introducing a new monthly competition called : 

Capsule Computers 8bit Warrior Award

This will go to the most active member of the Capsule Computers Community for the month.  Someone that has REGISTERED as a member, RT’s our twitters, Comments on our articles, posts in the forums, contributes by writing community reviews on games etc.  That lucky person will a FULL RETAIL GAME !!! on either XBOX, PLAYSTATION, NINTENDO WII or PC

Well  thats it for now !! Congrats to all the lucky winners above and make sure you all continue to keep as active as possible on Capsules Computers 🙂

Let us know what you think of the weekly running comp and also the new Monthly competition.

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  • frankcastle66

    i am so glad i set the record… it wasn’t hard because i love this site thanks guys i cant wait to play scrap metal keep up the hard work

  • Cool I won! I don’t know for sure but I think I got an email and deleted it on accident so if you guys did can you please resend it? Sorry for any inconvenience. BTW, I didn’t notice that I could write reviews. I might get on that.

  • frankcastle66

    also i think i am going to try for the 8bit award even tho i am new to the site it cant hurt to try right? lol anyways i am out

  • frankcastle66

    pj where can you write the reviews? i don’t see it on the the site if anyone could get back to me on that i would appreciate it

  • skull_x_man

    Niiiice…i won. You really made my day, tx

  • Dang Frank I’m not really sure. I assumed it was the “reviews” tab but I guess not. If I find out I’ll be sure to let you know.

  • frankcastle66

    see that was my first thing i checked to do so but sadly i was mistaken and it was just other reviews and even tho the reviews were awesome i didn’t see where i could make my own

  • G’day Guys you can write reviews for games in the FORUM !! under the specific categories for each section. Once you’ve done one just send us and email and we’ll check it out. If it’s good enough we’ll throw it on the site as a community member review 🙂

  • Ty

    Go FRANK!!!!
    Great job everyone! I wish I had more time to spend here but I stop thru as often as I can.
    Congrats all!

  • frankcastle66

    lol thanks ty and masterabbott i will have to check that out

  • Andrenekoi

    Congratulations to frankcastle66 and everyone else! It’s really good to share the comments section with cool people.

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