Breach coming to PC 6 weeks after XBLA

Xbox 360 PC


Good news PC gamers! Breach is also coming to the PC, but 6 weeks after it comes to XBLA. Atomic Games have stated that it will only be available via digital distribution, but they have not determined which distributor.

I hope games for windows, that way PC gamers can play against Xbox gamers and the online community will last even longer!

  • frankcastle66

    this game looks extremely amazing i am getting it for 360 tho but its nice for people who only game on pc because they get it also

  • Andrenekoi

    There just an small number of games for windows games which have cross gaming, but this game would benefit from this, as it’s not as popular as some others, merging communities in this case really could help.

  • Wait in Games for windows games, 360 players play with PC players? That’s awesome!

  • skull_x_man

    Crossgaming always was cool. Never really got it why developers didnt implement this in more games, because they’re not losing money or anything. Anywayz, just another military fps for the community…why do they have to torture me:(

  • PlayingMantis

    Only a few games had cross platform multiplayer. I think more don’t do it, because of balancing issues. Console versions can be optimized, but PCs vary so greatly, you can’t predict performance as accurately.

    Plus there is the whole mouse & keyboard vs. controller debate.

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