Australia’s Lost Planet 2 Collectors’ Edition

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AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE !! Australia just have just announced their SUPER HOT Lost Planet 2 Collectors’ Edition, jam-packed with all sorts of awesome content. Here’s is what you get inside, check out the list below of the goodies:

– Lost Planet 2
– Akrid figurine
– XBOX Live Avatar
– 4 Postcards
– Making of DVD
– Contents packaged in a special edition packaging in a 3 deep DVD sized box

Lost Planet 2 fans in Australia can get your copy reserved right here from EB GAMES Australia for only $118 AUD

Don’t Delay these will go like HOT CAKES !! …. mmmmmm hotcakes.. I’m Hungry now

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  • frankcastle66

    other than the avatar stuff none of the things really appeal to me in the slightest bit

  • PlayingMantis

    Seems like a pretty cool package, and the avatar outfit is pretty neat. The lost planet guys have always reminded me of the sunobozou (something like that) from the Desert Punk anime series, especially with the dummy decoys and the grappling hook.

    In fact I’d say Capcom probably ripped a lot of things from Desert Punk.

    Are other regions getting this CE too?

  • skull_x_man

    awww, the akrid figurine looks soooo cute. the avatar outfit kinda looks like a big daddy, but the rest is cool. Never was a fan of the first one, but now that this is out, maybe ill wait a bit and itll be availalble EU. *crosses fingers*

  • Andrenekoi

    That Akrid figurine is worth alone, it’s really cool. I’m really curious to see what they will do with all the focus on the coop for this one, like an third person shooter inspired on the Monster Hunter style, can works really well.

    These 4 Postcards looks good too, i would prefer an poster, but it’s possible to manually create one from them.

  • versapak


    Looks like a pretty cool package, but that akrid figure definitely looks like it is for the ladies. 🙂

    $118 seems crazy expensive though.

    I just converted it to USD (I didn’t realize USD and AUD were so close now), and it is $108 USD.

    That IS crazy expensive.

    I did pay $150 for the MW2 Elite Edition though, but that came with working night vision goggles. My wife might appreciate this LP2:CE better though, what with the lady toy and all. 🙂

  • yeah in australia we get ripped off substantially when it comes to gaming prices, that why more CE’s are exclusive to us lately as distributers/publishers are trying to prevent importing in out region

    • I have to agree with you on that one .. I buy them and review them and for what you get inside its it never worth the money.

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